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  Configuring Multi-View Tracks

The drop-down menus in the Select views section control the kind of data tracks that will be displayed, such as "peaks" or "signal". To configure the display of the tracks for each data type, click on the name of the view next to the drop-down menu. Note that when a view has been set to hide in this section, the corresponding subtracks will have grayed-out checkboxes in the List subtracks section below.

Selecting subtracks
The Select subtracks section is a grid of checkboxes that provides a quick way to select a set of subtracks according to some attribute, such as "cell line" or "antibody". Note that selections made using these boxes reset any selections made on the individual subtracks in the List subtracks section below.

Some tracks allow you to Select subtracks further by additional categories such as "treatment". Click on a menu to see all of the available choices. Choices that are not compatible with the current set of selected subtracks may be grayed out. Click on one or more choices to select them.

The List subtracks section allows you to select and deselect individual subtracks. This section provides the most refined control of the tracks displayed. Selections made here do not change the selections made in the Select views or Select subtracks sections above. Note that if the subtrack list is restricted to "only selected/visible" then some available subtracks may be hidden from the list. If the list of subtracks is long, this may be useful.

Sorting subtracks
The order of subtracks in the List subtracks section determines the display position on the main Genome Browser display page. Tracks can be sorted by clicking on the attribute links at the top of the column (if any). The arrows next to the attribute links indicate which direction the columns are being sorted. The numbers next to the arrows indicate the priority of the sort for each attribute. Additionally, some subtracks can be ordered by "drag and drop": click and hold a subtrack checkbox in the List subtracks section and release it in a new position. Note that tracks may be reordered by "drag and drop" in the main Genome Browser display. Those changes will not be reflected in this list.

Configuring individual subtracks
Subtracks can have display and configuration settings that are distinct from the set they belong to. Click on the display mode (hide, dense, etc.) of a subtrack shown in the List subtracks to change it or click on the wrench icon () to change the configuration settings for an individual subtrack. Individual subtrack settings will be overwritten anytime the set of tracks is configured as a whole.

More details
To learn more about the underlying data for a subtrack, press the down arrow () next to the subtrack name in the List subtracks section. This section will expand to display information such as the name of the data contributor, the cell line and antibody used in the experiment, the data submission date and more. To see a full description of the underlying table, press the "schema" link.

Selecting filter categories
Some tracks allow you to control the items that appear in displayed subtracks using Filter items by categories. Click on a filter menu to see all of the available item types. Click on one or more item types to select them.